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Hello, I’m Rachel and the founder of The Thoughtful Body and Mamas Pilates/Yoga. My yoga journey started in my twenties when I loved the feelings and the challenges that my Ashtanga teachers challenged me with. However, after a horse riding accident and car accident in the same year I had to look at working with myself in a kinder more compassionate way and discovered Hatha and Scaravalli Yoga. Yoga really helped me to see a different way of working with my body. After teaching Pilates for over 30 years, I turned my teaching path to Yoga completing 200 hours in Hatha and another 200 hours in Zen yoga. Anatomy and physiology and energy work is my passion and I have continued to learn as the years have gone by as part of my professional development. Most recently, biomechanics coaching, nutrition, and mental health. I would love to see in the classes and discover more about you as we go on this journey of Yoga together.

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